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Hey! This is me, Jacqui D.

Specializing in dimensional hair color and haircuts that suit your shape and lifestyle with healthy hair always being the focus.

I love low maintenance styles and teaching you how to replicate it at home. I provide a cozy and calm experience in a private suite!

When I was a kid growing up just outside of the city, I had no idea how to control my hair and my mom was absolutely no help. As I got older and learned some tricks on my own, I realized a lot of people were in the same boat as me and I wanted to help. I always knew I wanted to be a hairstylist! The only thing I enjoy more is snuggling my Frenchie Kemba and my long haired Chihuahua Bee. We love going on adventures together!

I have a unique way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed. I have been told many times I have a calming presence. I enjoy creating hair that reflects that. I specialize in low maintenance hair color and cuts naturally enhancing the beauty that already exists and teaching you tips for home.


Creating a relaxing environment for people to enjoy having their hair done is truly important to me. Even in a busy salon, I was able to make clients feel like we had our own bubble. That's why having a private salon suite has been such a game changer! You can even hook up your own music to the Bluetooth speaker to feel right at home and vibe out! If you need some hair inspiration, feel free to check out my Instagram. Also make sure to check out the new guest page to see what Beauty. By Jacqui D is all about!
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