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They asked, and you said yes!

I'm honored to be apart of your day!

Bridal Services

Proud to be offering traveling hair and makeup services for brides in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs! I love small parties looking to have fun and relaxing days feeling special and well taken care of.

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Bride and Groom

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get lashes? If so, what are my options?

I actually recommend everyone get lashes! They always turn out best with the overall look. My kit is full of natural looking strips as well as full blown glam! Due to time constraints, I don't have individual lashes, although I can tailor the strips in any way for any eye shape/comfort level.

What if I have a larger party? Do you work with other artists?

Yes! I have been traveling for weddings for a decade and have a pocket full of amazing talent willing to help out whenever possible. Let me know your party size asap so I can make sure my friends are available! I also will have a timeline with each service appointment clearly laid out so everyone knows when it's their turn.

How far do you travel?

I prefer to stay in Philadelphia or any of the surrounding suburbs, although I do sometimes travel further depending on the party size. There is a travel fee of $1 per mile from my salon home base.

How far out should I book the trial from my wedding?

Can I bring my clip-in extensions?

Lets be real, I'm going to cry! Will my makeup last?

I recommend anywhere between 3-5 months. This way, most of your details are coming together and you feel more cohesive with a vibe and style.

Yes! Please feel free! It is not always necessary but it's a great option to have! I recommend Bellami brand if you're shopping around.

For sure! Everything is water proof! I promise! Plus, I have some secret weapons and good layering tricks that help out big time without feeling heavy.

Hair Styling

on Location
  • Pricing for hair styling is the same for the Bride/Bridesmaids/MOB

  • It includes adding in clip-in extensions, if you wish to do so

  • Trials are the same price

  • $115 as a stand alone service

hollywood waves

on Location


  • Pricing is the same for Bride/Bridesmaid/MOB

  • Lashes are always included if desired

  • Everything is waterproof

  • It is recommended everyone has their own lip color for easy touch ups

  • $115 as a stand alone service

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